Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have an oily skin? How does it affect my complexion?

Skin pores in men are larger with more oil glands. Male sex hormone Androgen causes excessive sebum secretion in these glands. Oilier skin is shiny and gives a darker complexion when contacted with dust and heat.

What are the problems caused due to oily skin?

Oily skin is acne/pimple-prone, due to exacerbated skin sensitivity, particularly of the sebaceous glands. Over production of the sebum dilates the skin pores and causes blackheads, whiteheads and acne/pimples to appear in skin. Oily skin retains pollutants, smoke and dirt from daily transit making it visibly darker.

Why, as a man, I should care more for my skin?

Over exposure to sunlight, sweat, pollution and dirt makes male skin appear older and darker. Routine shaving irritates skin and increases its Melanin production resulting in hyper pigmentation and dark patch formation. So men have to care more for their skin.

How often do I apply Fair And Handsome for better results?

Our experts recommend that Fair And Handsome Oil Control products should be used twice daily for best results. Ideally the Face Cream & Face Wash gel can be used once in the morning and once in the evening after cleansing/shaving your face. In case of Moisturiser the usage is based on the skin's requirement. While individual results may vary, studies have shown that consumers can see real fairness benefits from the very first week of use.

I have a healthy, problem-free skin. Still, do I need to care about my skin?

Facial skin, being far less protected than other body parts, is subject to change with age and UV damage. Changing weather conditions leave skin dull and lifeless. Along with this add the shaving rigors that your skin has to go through. To maintain a fresh and handsome look all the time, it requires a little extra care.

Is it safe to use Fair And Handsome on my skin? Does it have any harmful side-effects?

Fair And Handsome has been extensively tested and been used by millions of men over the past many years. It has been designed with safe and tested ingredients, that comply with global standards of safety. There are no known and reported long term side effects of using Fair And Handsome. Therefore, prolonged use of Fair And Handsome products should not have any side effect on your skin.

I often go out in the sun and get tanned easily; will Fair And Handsome make my skin sun-protected?

Fair And Handsome contains active ingredients that are ideal for protection from extreme hot weather conditions. It comes with clinically tested formula, which provides you adequate protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays, which otherwise results in sun tan.